Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chocolate Milk and Go Arounds.

Arrived alive in Asheville. Though for a little while it wasn't certain.

The ride down on the Embraer was bumpy but that was nothing compared to approach into the airport. I don't think there's an amusement park ride yet invented that has the random ups and downs and side-to-side antics of our jet. After having flown nearly a million miles, I can only recall one other flight -- into Newark over a decade ago -- where I actually thought the plane could end up in the trees. On the first approach, the pilot finally decided  that he had had enough and went around. On the next approach he came in with less flap and more speed and managed to get us on the ground without mishap.

Once on the ground, I was informed that they had two inches of rain last night.

One helpful woman chimed in that from the air the rivers looked like chocolate milk! Great!

Indeed she was correct. The ride into town crossed several streams and they're at their banks and that muddy brown that says "Don't bother fishing here anytime soon". Hopefully we'll find some small streams that have cleared.

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